Home Remembers Me
Medicine Poems from em claire

The poetry in this collection was selected specifically to support and encourage anyone who is facing great challenge and change.

Home Remembers MeI believe this is a time on our planet where we are all being individually and collectively called to find and then to share the medicine-gifts we have each come here to offer in order to bring healing to a Humankind that has mostly forgotten its kindness…

May your own medicine walk—galvanized and begun by the circumstance that is now urging you and guiding you ever inward into the light and of Who You Are—be the walk that enables you to remember or discover for the first time, your personal medicine, and the blessing that you are going to bring to the greater global family.

Perhaps it has taken the form of a physical crisis, or the loss of a beloved relationship. It may be the shocking and sudden death of a loved one or the extreme change that comes with sudden financial instability, or the confusion and chaos from a dance with addictions… Many circumstances can deliver us to this sacred doorway. It is a blessed place. It is the quiet and the calm you have always longed for, and an opportunity to find the peace held within the gift of You which no one else can.

Sometimes it does take crisis for us to find our Calling.

The invitation of this book is two-fold. Firstly, that you make it your own. You are invited to decorate the cover, or the book binding itself with symbols that give you strength, remind you of where you have been, what you have learned, and the personal medicine you carry. Photos of loved ones, animal totems, shells, feathers, bits of prayer flag… Sew into, glue onto, draw and paint and personalize this book of poetry and carry it as part of your own medicine bag.

Secondly, if these poems aid you in any way, please do share them with those you know and love, and even to those “strangers” you encounter who you feel may benefit. You can write them down, or recite them aloud. You can sing them or chant them. You can gift a book or ask for a book to be scholar-shipped and sent to someone in need. If any one of these poems might save a life, please keep the poetry nearby and administer it accordingly and with your own wisdom woven into them. We are all in this together, and all of us benefit from what each of us learn.

This would be my hope and intent in sharing the poetry found within Home Remembers Me. And the offering of the truth that: Indeed It does. But the path Home may not always look exactly like we thought it would…

To read a special Afterword to Home Remembers Me, please click here. To find a sampling of the first poetic compendium, Silent Sacred Holy Deepening Heart, please scroll down.

You are Love; You are Loved,
em claire

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