Welcome. If someone you love could be consoled by the sharing of any one of the poems you find here, then please pass one along as a gift, or invite a loved one to visit.

You will see the word "God" in many of the poems, but I follow no specific religion other than one of Love. Over many years I have found my own friendship with a deep guidance and profound source of goodness, and find it easy to call it “God” even though I could as easily say Life, Love, Higher Self, The Friend, The Presence, The Tao and so on. I find that the word God also leaves little confusion regarding what I am referring or appealing to when it appears in the poetry.

Let me say this: Give any name to That Source which calls to you, but let it never separate us from one another. There has been far too much of this already, and the planet and its people need desperately for all of us to simply Love.

Thank you for visiting. I hope that you will find a poem here that might be a lantern in the window to which you have just led yourself, for reasons that your own Self and Soul know.

You are Love; You are Loved,

em claire

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